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Splat Hair Color Gone Bad?

Have you tried using Splat Hair color? The image of fabulously brilliant colors on your hair may be very intriguing. You may have experimented with or allowed your children to experiment with Splat hair color. You can buy Splat at your local Walmart. It can be applied to your natural hair color for highlights, or you can bleach your natural hair color for the extremely bright colors that are popular now.

It is a good idea to know all the information about it before you experiment.

Before Application:

  1. Splat hair color bleeds every time you wash it.

  2. Splat hair color bleeds when you sweat.

  3. If you have another color in your hair, Splat bleeds into it.

  4. DO NOT get Splat on your skin. It stains.

  5. Splat has to be removed if you want to dye back to a natural color.

  6. Bleach used at home will not remove Splat. It will destroy your hair.

  7. You have to use a “direct dye remover” to get rid of it. Joico Color Intensity Eraser and Malibu Professional DDL Direct Dye Lift are professional products. They can be purchased from Amazon or Sally’s Beauty Supply.

  8. DO NOT let a hair professional remove Splat with bleach because it doesn’t work and will destroy your hair.

  9. Do not let them try to ‘tone’ any Splat left in your hair unless it is only a very very little. It is extremely difficult to color over.

Learning the hard way

As a professional cosmetologist, I have learned all of this the hard way. A customer wanted my help. I bleached her hair out before applying Splat for a brighter color. It bled and didn’t stay in the hair. Then I tried to bleach out the Splat. It took some out, but not all of it. Then I used direct dye remover to strip the hair and Olaplex to help strengthen the hair. But the internal structure was too damaged to hold color.

The process happened over the course of a couple of months. The customer ended up with semi-permanent color over the bleached part and permanent color on the regrowth. She is waiting for the bleached part to grow out. Her hair is long, so it will take time.

Having beautiful ‘unicorn-colored’ hair looks great on YouTube. Unfortunately, they do not explain how much upkeep and expense it is per month to maintain an unusual hair color.

If in doubt at all, color a small strip under your hairline to see how it will take. If you need help, call me at my beauty salon at 928-536-2593. Good Luck!


Disclaimer: I do not know the products used or how the above picture was made.  It is a good example of what can happen.

Good Long Soak

I dream of having a good long soak.  I have a tough time relaxing my back muscles. My chiropractor and masseuse tell me that if I could relax more, their treatments wouldn’t hurt as much. Are they kidding? I’m a hairstylist/nail tech. I use my arms and upper back all the time. I get cramps in the muscles along my spine more than I get them in my calves. When I use a hot pad, they relax, but not much.

I wish I had a real deep tub to soak in. We don’t have a bathtub at home. Well, we have one, but it doesn’t count. It is outside and used for extra dog water in the summertime.

I decided to splurge and go to a local day spa to have a good long soak. It was wonderful. The tub was the deepest I have ever used. The water covered all of my body, and if I crossed my legs a little, I even floated. After I absorbed the heat, it felt like I was boneless with no muscle. I started overheating. I mean, I was overheated. Out of the tub went one leg, then an arm., I reached the point of overheating. The desire to cool off was stronger than the desire for the soak. Finding my bones and muscles and putting them to use was very difficult. I was light headed and felt like passing out. In retrospect, I wondered how hot the water was. There was no ventilation in the room so the hot air could not escape. I just took my time cooling off, being very glad that my heart was healthy.

After I managed to get my clothes on and get out of that room, I sat and cooled off. I found out that the tub was a Rubbermaid stock tank from Tractor Supply. In and of itself that’s not a bad thing. How do you sanitize a textured Rubbermaid surface so that the next customer doesn’t get infected with something? Who regulates one-person tubs? It’s not the board of cosmetology or the board of massage. Maybe the health department does. I know there are regulations on public saunas and Jacuzzi tubs with temperature regulations and chemical requirements.

I’m not going back until I have figured this out. In the meantime, I like the idea of putting something in our house so I can soak. It is a very relaxing experience. We have a place in front of our bedroom that is an unfinished bathroom. It even has water and sewer already! I like the extra space for our bedroom, but for a tub that I use occasionally, I might do it. Standard bathtubs are so expensive; this one may be slightly tacky but the right price. I still have a lot of unanswered questions.

So what do you think? Do you enjoy a good long soak in a tub somewhere? Maybe this economical solution is for you.

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